About Us

Pol-PRIMETT II is an extension of the first Pol-PRIMETT project which began in October 2010 and finished in September 2013. Pol-PRIMETT II is led by the UK's National Crime Agency and includes partners from 8 EU Member States. For more details about Pol-PRIMETT II partners please use the left hand menu.

Pol-PRIMETT II will expand the public-private partnerships established in the original project to share best practice for tackling metal theft with a wider audience.

Public-private collaboration is not uniform amongst Member States; Pol-PRIMETT II provides a platform for a variety of joint practices to be shared and adapted to suit each country. The expanded project provides further dissemination opportunities regarding offender profiles; location of crimes; target materials; stolen metal supply chain; prevention countermeasures; public-private security strategies; legislation and voluntary codes of practice.

Pol-PRIMETT II will increase knowledge of the involvement of organised crime, the relationship to other acquisitive crime and the impact on communities and businesses. This increased understanding and collaboration will provide opportunities to disrupt and reduce the movement of stolen metals.

These activities are reinforced by 3 Expert User Group meeting a year which bring together public and private sector representatives to improve levels of international liaison, sharing knowledge, skills, intelligence, enforcement and prevention techniques between the public and private sectors. Additionally an annual conference will bring together the learning from the project.

For more details regarding our upcoming meetings and conferences please visit the 'events' section.