Metal theft toolkits

As part of the first Pol-PRIMETT project, British Transport Police produced a Metal Theft Toolkit.

The Metal Theft Toolkit is a training package designed to raise the awareness of metal theft to police officers. The toolkit is also accompanied by a pocket sized leaflet for police officers for ease of reference.

The Metal Theft Toolkit has been shared with police in Italy, Spain, Greece and Bulgaria for delivery to the country’s police forces.

To download the Metal Theft Toolkit please select the links below:

Other examples of metal theft toolkits are:

UK Local Government Agency (LGA) has a developed a toolkit to help councils and partners to understand what powers exist to reduce the attractiveness and profitability of metal theft. The toolkit also examines developing practice by councils such as Forest of Dean and Kirklees as they work to better regulate their local scrap metal dealers. To download the LGA Metal Theft Toolkit please click here.

Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) has produced an information flyer for the agricultural community to help prevent metal theft. To download the flyer please click here.

Bulgarian Association of Recycling (BAR) has produced a handbook of good practice for preventing metal theft which can be used by law enforcement and the private sector. To download the handbook please click here.

Lead Sheet Association has produced an information sheet outlining the latest strategies to tackle metal theft. To download the information sheet please click here.

Leicestershire Police provide metal theft prevention advice on their website. To view this advice, please click here.

Ecclesiastical Insurance: As a leading insurer of historic heritage properties, Ecclesiastical has seen an increase in the theft of metals from insured premises. To counteract this increase, Ecclesiastical has developed guidance notes on metal theft for their customers. To download the guidance notes please click here.

British Security Industry Association has produced a guide to securing your business. Please click here to download the guide.

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