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The Italian Railway Police (POLFER), together with RAILPOL, has been tackling metal theft for many years. They have noted that more and more metal theft is a work of organised crime groups. Therefore POLFER and RAILPOL have issued requests to all EU Police Forces to unite.

The Copper E-book was created to encourage transnational collaboration. The aim is to:

  • Allow individuals to identify copper cable used by European railway companies
  • Enable police officers to recognise the origin of the copper found
  • Warn potential buyers that the goods may be suspect

This is the first step towards transnational cooperation between EU police forces in the European Railway environment.

To download the RAILPOL Copper e-book please click here.
To visit the RAILPOL Copper e-book web page please click here.

Other cable guides include:

British Transport Police has produced a Rail Cable and Metal Identification Guide to help police identify cable which belongs to Network Rail. Please click here to download the guide.

BT Openreach has produced a Cable Identification Booklet to make it easier to identify cable which belongs to BT. Please click here to download the booklet.

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